NEW | Day Programs for NDIS participants Adelaide

Fun engaging skills learning and a great community coming from May 2024

There are so many reasons to be part of this amazing journey and our new and exciting day programs are well researched around interesting and life affirming possibilities and undertaken in a very social and fun group format and individually and personally graded to our communities requirements, needs and interests. We are definitely excited about our Day Programs and we will launch with 2 day programs during May 2024:

Exciting NEW Day Programs for NDIS

Tania delivers a delicious fun and engaging day program aimed at inspiring the foodies to be with their own secret arsenal of kitchen skills.


Darian draws from his health & wellness expertise with a robust program focused on community building & engagement.

Be challenged & develop new friends to encourage & inspire you.

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“LOVE HOPE COMMUNITY”, a beacon of compassion and support. With two locations our rural retreat nestled in the heart of the Adelaide Hills. Our urban retreat located in Enfield just 10 minutes from the CBD. We are proud to offer ‘SHORT STAY RESPITE CARE” for NDIS participants. We also develop and run DAY COURSE PROGRAMS our 2 newest offerings being Mens Development & Wellness as well as Cooking, Kitchen Skills and Culinary Offerings “LOVE HOPE COMMUNITY – supporting your journey with passion and purpose.” We love that every individual is unique and wonderful - we strive to meet the challenge. We hope to promote awareness, understanding, and acceptance of disabilities, fostering a community that celebrates diversity while advocating for equal opportunities. We envision a society where every person, regardless of their abilities, is valued and included.

  • Working withLOVE”   and kindness 
  • Holding space for   “HOPE”  
  • Empowering the    “COMMUNITY”

509 Mawson Rd, Forest Range SA 5240

70 Watson Avenue Enfield SA 5085

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